IT & Business Excellence

Consultancy, Technology Solutions 

and Professional Services

Use Cases

Lean IT

Application of Lean thinking within Technology to drive out cost, waste, improve speed and performance while stabilising or improving quality.

Training, Project or Consultancy

Improvement Projects

Lean Six Sigma Program or Project leadership and execution of focused Kaizen events solving complex People, Process and Technical problems.

Training, Coaching, Project or Program Management

Data & Process Technical Solutions

Provider of proven, leading edge technical solutions in the Big Data, M2M, IoT, APM, Cloud and Process Intelligence space.

Technical Solutions and Professional Services

Customer & Process Analytics

Process Mining through Celonis (  Event and customer journey monitoring and Process Analytics, Dashboards, visualisation, control metrics and vendor specific SLA tracking

Project or Analytics Day Rate

Business Process Improvement

Procure to Pay

IT Service Management

HR On-boarding

Customer On-boarding 

Project or Consultancy

Risk & Governance

Identification, review and creation of Technical Risk Management, compliance and performance mangement 

Project or Consultancy


People Centric

Drive a Continuous Improvement culture with targeted training and coaching  

  • Project and Program Management for Improvement and Transformation 
  • Business and IT Excellence Coaching 
  • Mentoring
  • Lean Six Sigma Training
  • Internal and External Governance
  • Change Management
  • Proactive IT Risk Management

Data and Analytics

Customer Journey and Process Analytics

  • Relating complex technical events to business process and IT infrastructure 
  • Customer Journey and Service orientated mapping and visual analytics
  • Cross spectrum Data, Process Mining and Analysis
  • Focus on transparency and clarity 
  • Precursor to successful implementation of Robotics and IT Automation
  • Business architecture input to technology investment
  • Identify risk and non-compliance in real time 

Business and Customer Processes

Pragmatic improvement in quality by identifying and focusing on the levers of change

  • Leverage the  digital footprint left behind by your IT systems to both model and understand your processes
  • Understand the real "As-Is" process not the "We think it is Process"
  • Identify process models rather than just the "happy path"
  • Use automation, data science and robotics only when processes and implications are understood


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